About Us

There is more to a wedding than just the glitz and glam. A wedding is a holistic experience of a union between two hearts, along with their families. At Zucchini Events, we specialize in catering to all your ‘Destination Wedding’ dreams, personalized and well thought as per your requirement and taste. We’re the connoisseur of weddings, heart-crafting it to perfection for you. We believe in the fairy-tales and the idea of one true love – regardless, the nature of the wedding, we will make sure the would-be couple will fall in love more with one another as they vow a lifetime together on their big day, planned to perfection by the talented Zucchini Events team.

About the Founder

Zucchini Events is a unique and spectacular venture founded by Mrs. Puja Kapoor. The idea of hosting a get-together and planning parties always excited Mrs. Puja Kapoor, since her early childhood. Since people around her knew her amazing knack and her exceptional skill, they asked her for help in planning, designing, and execution for their social events and family gatherings. One of her most special and memorable event she planned was the fiftieth wedding anniversary of her parent in laws. This was the turning point in her life and luckily for all of us, this passion turned into a profession with high-quality services to provide her clients with excellent experiences. Zucchini Events has been only rising up ever since and making dreams come true. Mrs. Puja Kapoor and her team at Zucchini Events with their dedication, motivation, and commitment will make your special days be it, an anniversary, birthday, theme wedding, etc into an experience that will last a lifetime.